Things to Know Before Choosing Plastic as the Container

What do you think about china mold? Do you wonder about the use of plastic? Drug preparation containers are generally made with a plastic base material. The selection of plastics has many uses, including ease of patient use, high quality and freedom to design according to the desired shape.

Plastic containers of medicinal packaging are actually made of polymers, one of which is polyethylene. There are several reasons why polyethylene is used. The high molecular weight and density of polyethylene are one of the reasons why it is widely used by the pharmaceutical industry for the container of a drug. Polyethylene has the ability to block moisture, is not easily damaged by most solvents and is also not easily degraded by strong acids and bases.

The density of polyethylene typically ranges from 0.91 to 0.96 where it can directly indicate basic physical characteristics for easily formed containers such as cracking, clarity or transparency, moisture stability and moisture transmission. Increased material density, makes a rigid material, gives higher distortion and melting point temperature. It becomes less permeable to gas and steam and becomes less resistant to cracking power.

Polyethylene has the disadvantage of having a high rate of impregnation for materials that have a strong smell, taste, and oxygen. Despite these deficiencies, polyethylene with its modifications provides the best protection for products at the lowest possible cost. Polymers are generally susceptible to degradation of oxidation reactions especially during processing so as to be necessary for the addition of antioxidants. Commonly used antioxidants are butyl hydroxytoluene.

Containers for pharmaceutical purposes should always be free of substances that may affect significant quality with the products contained which allow the danger of toxicity and chemical instability. In addition to antioxidants, it is also necessary to add some additional ingredients besides polyethylene in the process of making medicine containers.