These are Some Reasons Why Green Tea Can Not Be Compared With Coffee

If you often consume tea for your daily life, then you will know that there is a type of tea that is much preferred by everyone, green tea. In fact, in addition to these types, there are other types that are also good for health, such as red tea. Red tea also acts as a skinny fit tea that can work to lose weight.

Many people compare tea and coffee. However, what is often compared is green tea and coffee. In fact, there are several reasons why they can not be compared.

– Both drinks are used to facilitate metabolism
It’s common knowledge that green tea can burn fat and even help you lose weight if you’re on a diet. Some studies also show if coffee consumption and green tea can increase metabolism in the body by up to 11%. Although this figure is small but very influential in supporting your diet program.
But if you drink too much green tea and coffee, it’s no longer possible that your teeth will have stains. So, smart to take care of oral hygiene yes if you hobby to drink coffee and green tea.

– Has its own benefits
Both these delicious drinks can help alleviate type 2 diabetics. People who regular coffee consumption will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%. Green tea lovers do not need to be jealous, if you like to drink this, the risk of heart disease and stroke will also decrease by 40%.

– Contains the same caffeine
These two delicious drinks both contain caffeine which is as high as the antioxidant content they have. The benefits of drinking these two types of drinks can be felt because of the antioxidant effect called ‘hormesis’. Hormesis is a biological phenomenon that makes your body more tolerant to stress.
It is important to note that polyphenols in coffee and tea are substances that are alien to the body, thus automatically increasing the immune system as well.