Halloween Costume Party Tips at Home

Every October 31, some countries celebrate Halloween. There is a wide selection of activities to do, such as costume parties or karnevalové kostýmy, visiting attractions, carving pumpkins, listening to frightening stories, and much more. For friends who do not want to go anywhere, but still want to feel the atmosphere of Halloween, can also celebrate at home. How to?

– Dark

Halloween is synonymous with the dark and creepy atmosphere. If you want to make the celebration more noticeable, your friends can make the atmosphere of the house so dim by utilizing the items around. No need to buy new lights, you can wrap the old lamps with colored plastic to produce a certain color, for example, red plastic.

– Decorations

We can make cobwebs out of the ropes. Then use a black cloth to cover the chair or wall. Black papers can be cut into bats, then the orange paper can be cut into a squash.

– Costume party

Friends can invite many cousins to be more vibrant. Everyone can use their own costume then do the fashion show with an interesting style.